Important Debit Card Tips for When You Travel

Promotional Travel Notice

In order to minimize fraud and the associated costs to your credit union, we constantly monitor trends and will occasionally place blocks on certain areas of the country, merchant types and foreign countries.

NOTE: If your card is ever rejected while traveling, using your PIN will automatically override any blocks that are in place.

We recommend downloading the SHAZAM BOLT$ Mobile App! This app comes in handy while traveling as it provides features such as fraud transaction alerts, balance monitoring, ATM locator, and person-to-person (P2P) money transfers. Plus, with the transaction control feature, you can easily turn your card ON and OFF in the case it goes missing!

We can lift existing debit card fraud blocks in the areas you will be traveling. To help prevent rejected transactions, please submit a Travel Notice by completing the form below or give us a call (during business hours) at 225-673-7191.



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