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Why Join?

Becoming a member of Wymar Federal Credit Union gives you multiple advantages over a traditional bank.

Excellent Rates & Interest

Because we are not-for-profit, we are able to offer excellent rates on all of our products and services. You will find that our loan and credit card rates are among the lowest you will find and we also offer higher than market interest rates on our checking and savings accounts. With Wymar, your income goes farther and your savings increase faster.

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Exclusive Benefits

We also offer our members exclusive benefits and discounts that can save you money. And, we provide our members with helpful services like free financial counseling, insurance products, and international currency exchange.

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Full Suite of Products & Services

We are a full-service financial institution, offering everything you require for a modern financial experience. We provide convenient tools like online banking, budgeting tools, and instant online loan approvals. Best of all, most of our financial services are offered completely for free or at a very low fee. You won’t get that from the Big Banks.

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Unlike Big Banks, we are a not-for-profit organization. That means our highest priority is serving YOU, our members—not cutting corners to make a profit. Because our members are our owners, any excess we receive is returned directly to our members in the form of higher rates on savings and lower interest rates on loans. Our members also have full voting rights at every annual meeting, regardless of how much they have deposited.

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Personalized Service

At Wymar, we look out for our members first. Service is our #1 priority. You’re not just another customer to us—you are a member and the reason we exist. We understand that your financial situation is personal and we do everything we can to meet your unique needs and goals.

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